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Install An Electrical Box

- Mar 29, 2018 -

Install an Electrical Box

  • After cutting the hole in the drywall, insert an electrical box in the hole. If the hole is too tight, you may have to trim it a little.

  • Push the box into the hole until the brackets are against the drywall face.

Install Madison Straps

  • 1. Insert the Madison straps, one on each side of the box, with the longer part up.

  • 2. Slide the strap in past the back of the drywall.

  • 3. Slide the strap down until it is centered in the hole.

  • 4. Pull it towards you until it is tight against the back of the drywall.

Bend Madison Straps Into Place

  • 1. Take the Madison straps and bend the tabs inward into the box.

  • 2. Be sure to pull them tight and complete the bend using a pair of linesman pliers.

  • 3. Bend all four tabs to complete the installation.

Completed Cut-in Box Installation

The completed installation of the electrical box should fit securely and the straps should be tightly connected.

Installation Tips

This Tips will be continue at last updates.

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